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Digital Factory

Setting up a “Digital Factory” is meant to standardize, accelerate and improve the development processes. This involves a series of steps:

  • Introducing an agile mindset in developers and business stakeholders
  • Establishing a consistent UX for web and mobile apps
  • Setting up the right team structure, processes, and standards
  • Creating a governance system to prevent the proliferation of unwanted and poorly designed apps
  • Building a rich repository of reusable components specific to your needs
  • Educating, re-skilling, or upskilling the company’s developer community

Phases of Growth

Phases Of Growth


OutSystems offers a fully integrated approach to development, quality assurance, deployment and management -the entire application lifecycle -which enables it to support high-scale app development.

As Speed and Reusability of code goes hand in hand, we at Providit –from experience – always suggest to start small and scale up afterwards. This provides you the time to get to know the platform, let you assess the application portfolio, enables you to setup a full common components library and will guarantee the speed of development.

Setting up an architecture is one thing, but we need to keep in mind that various applications will need to run on the platform, multiple developers will be using the platform, applications will have different sorts of requirements with a multitude of users, and how to enable developers to reuse pre-existing development work.

We help OutSystems customers with the right decisions on the following Governance topics:

  • Best practices
  • Architecture
  • Software quality
  • Common components library
  • Performance, scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Security
  • etc

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