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We are a team of passionate developers specializing in OutSystems infrastructure, architecture, development, deployment and support. At Providit, we embrace low-code technology to deliver efficient and innovative software. Our team is committed to continuous improvement in the ever-changing software landscape.

Ensuring long-term success

We take pride in being a trusted OutSystems partner, offering our clients the expertise and support they need. With our deep understanding of the OutSystems platform, we build quality web and mobile applications that drive business success. Our track record has positioned us as the largest OutSystems partner in Benelux, delivering solutions that drive innovation.

We’re glad to be your Centre of Excellence for OutSystems.

Governance and best practices

To ensure consistency and quality across projects, we define policies, standards and best practices, establishing guidelines on architecture, design, naming conventions, security, performance and more. 

Support and troubleshooting

As your central point of contact for technical support and troubleshooting, we assist your teams in resolving technical issues, performance bottlenecks and more.

Knowledge-sharing and training

We promote knowledge-sharing among developers and project teams, and run training sessions and workshops to enhance skills and expertise.

Business stakeholders

In collaboration with your business stakeholders, we align your solutions with business needs, and provide recommendations on the optimal use of OutSystems capabilities.

Architecture and design

Solution architecture and design will help identify reusable components, design scalable and maintainable solutions, and ensure alignment with your strategy and goals.


Together, we keep track of emerging trends, new features, and updates in OutSystems, providing guidance on adopting new technologies or approaches to enhance development.

QA and code review

We establish processes and tools for quality assurance and code review. Regular code reviews ensure adherence to coding standards, performance optimization and best practices.

Collaboration with OutSystems

Our collaboration with OutSystems can address product-related issues, leverage resources and helps us stay up to date with the latest capabilities.

Faster, and better too

Count on us to create better applications faster.
Want to find out what possibilities OutSystems can offer your business?

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Every company now relies on software. Low code provides them with the tools and platform to rapidly build applications, following best practices and maintaining a highly secure approach.

Tim TimpermanManaging Partner at Providit


It all started with realizing the unmatched potential of low-code technology for fast deployment of web and mobile applications. In 2015, Tim Timperman and Kurt Vandevelde started Providit within the Cronos Group. Since then, we have grown to become the largest OutSystems team in Benelux.

We are still growing because we have established ourselves as a Centre of Excellence to ensure the effective adoption of the OutSystems platform.

Meet the experts building
exceptional OutSystems solutions

Kurt Vandevelde

Managing Partner / OutSystems Expert

Tim Timperman

Managing Partner / OutSystems Expert

Ana Palihovici

OutSystems Specialist

Axel Denis

OutSystems Specialist

Bogdan Boglea

OutSystems Specialist

Bram Verlinden

OutSystems Specialist

Duarte Arrobe

OutSystems Expert

Evert Tabak

OutSystems Specialist

Geert Uyttendaele

OutSystems Specialist

Glenn Michiels

OutSystems Specialist

Glenn Tibo

OutSystems Specialist

Gwen Jamroziak

OutSystems Specialist

Jakub Glaczynski

OutSystems Specialist

Katya Heylen

OutSystems Specialist

Lander De Wulf

OutSystems Specialist

Laura Mutambay

OutSystems Specialist

Lorena Pop

OutSystems Specialist

Lorena Sabou

OutSystems Specialist

Meng-Shiun Lin

OutSystems Specialist

Samy Sah

OutSystems Specialist

Steven Decock

OutSystems Expert

Victor Romaneyko-Viktar

OutSystems Specialist

Wannes Verdonck

OutSystems Specialist

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