low-code development

The unbeatable speed of low-code development

For software developers, the impact of today’s modernization is much bigger than in the old days of the remove and replace issue. Sometimes the business still requires entirely new, bespoke applications. Others just need to update existing applications or connect new modular capabilities to older applications. Even offer various SaaS and on-premises solutions to meet the fast-changing client needs. Time to introduce you to low-code development!

Hand-coding vs. low-coding

It’s become quite clear that traditional hand-coding is often too slow and too inflexible to meet the wide range of possible requirements. DevOps Automation brings great collaboration and speed but still falls short when hand coding is involved. That’s why low-code platforms are becoming increasingly the norm in today’s digital transformation.

Some low-code platforms make you even visually build your app, which makes it really easy to build apps fast and safe. On top of that, you can easily integrate it with all your current systems. You can even add your own custom code, if needed.

Reducing workload

That means that low-code reduces the workload of your developers and increases the speed of deployment. They can now focus better on the greater role of each workload, consisting of all the technology elements that support running applications. And that is crucial in today’s digital transformation. At the same time, CIOs breathe a sigh of relief too, as they now dispose of more tools to deal with today’s fast business changes. However, some IT leaders may still struggle to understand the best course of action for their environments.

Decreased Costs

With the ability to build more apps in less time, costs decrease. But, that’s not the only driver. Low-code development reduces the need for more developers, reducing hiring costs. And, the right low-code platform can make everyone in the organization—not just IT—more productive.

Higher Productivity

Low-code development allows you to build more applications in less time. What used to take months before, can now be shortened to a couple of days. Even less. With low-code development, you gain more time to focus on innovation and user-friendliness.

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