Providit goes green

By 2026, all Belgian company cars will have to be CO2-neutral. At Providit, we already take responsibility for our climate impact today. And we do it in an almost natural way. Our latest three recruits were offered the choice, and they all went for an EV.

Providit is an inkubis company, which is in turn part of The Cronos Group. Corporate social responsibility is of utmost importance to the group, with environmental awareness as one the program’s pillars. So it is only natural to see there’s a clear evolution towards the electrification of the company fleet. At the campus in Kontich, for example, Cronos invested in 60 charging stations for electric cars.

25% of the fleet

Company cars will have to be CO2-neutral by 2026. But we decided we didn’t want to wait five more years. Our new recruits are offered the choice between a traditional combustion engine car and a full electric one. Our latest three recruits all chose to drive electric cars. Two of them drive a Nissan Leaf, the third one chose the Opel Ampera-E. With three EV’s on a total of twelve, we have already electrified a quarter of our company fleet…

Financially, for us as company, there’s no real difference. Our fleet consists of cars which are leased. Combustion engine or electric doesn’t make a difference in terms of the total cost of ownership. And for the employee, there’s no difference either. Employees don’t get any extra benefit out of the fact that they drive electric cars – but of course, it’s also not a disadvantage.

The natural choice

The most important aspect of the concept of the electric company car, in our opinion, is the fact that we see a change in mindset among our employees, especially those of the younger generations. Whenever the opportunity is offered, they are ready and willing to help make our company greener.

As the new generations of electric cars will gain in maturity – and range – going electric will become the natural thing to do, and will reduce our company’s ecological footprint.

Why not join the Providit team and drive an electric car yourself?


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