Providit awarded as OutSystems Quality Apps Partner

Providit is officially recognized as an OutSystems Quality Apps Partner. Needless to say we are very proud of this achievement, as only five companies worldwide received this recognition so far. OutSystems awarded the Quality Apps badge after reviewing the My CM app we built for CM, giving it a total score of 99.7%.


The OutSystems Quality Apps program involves multiple assessments of a single project across different technical aspects, from architecture and code quality, to performance, UX/UI and more. OutSystems measures the app’s compliance with its very own technical best practices. The app is scored by adding the sum of the compliance score for each practice assessed, divided by the number of assessments. The Quality Apps badge is awarded if the score meets or exceeds 85%.


In our case, OutSystems assessed My CM, the app Providit developed for CM, Belgium’s largest health insurance fund. My CM aims to provide every customer service capability that had previously required customers to visit stores or call the contact center. The IT team had just nine months to deliver the omnichannel suite of applications, including native mobile apps on iOS and Android, a customer-facing web portal, and the internal customer service app.


Impressive user-friendliness, architecture and performance

OutSystems’ UX/UI review of My CM resulted in a perfect score (100%). We worked along the lines of generally accepted UX/UI best practices, as well as the UX/UI best practices that are shared in the OutSystems partner community. Our biggest challenge was to make every aspect of My CM as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Given that 4.5 million customers would ultimately use My CM, user experience was a crucial design consideration.


The same applied to performance speed. For that aspect of the app, OutSystems’ Architecture & Code review resulted in a score of 99,4%. The review specifically mentioned the app’s smart architecture design – and the fact that the whole project was meticulously documented. For the app’s architecture and code, we followed the best practices and recommendations that were offered through the OutSystems Architecture Dashboard.



After being recognized as OutSystems Partner of the Year 2019 and as Centre of Excellence in 2020, the recognition as Quality Apps Partner is a new milestone in Providit’s history, once again underlining the level of trust and quality we offer our customers and prospects.


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