OutSystems Experience Builder: your app’s time-to-market just got shorter

The health crisis urges businesses to digitize their face-to-face interactions with customers, suppliers and partners. To obtain the goals of this digital transformation, the speed of application development is essential. OutSystems Experience Builder now offers a way to shorten the time-to-market of new mobile applications even more.


OutSystems is a leading modern development platform. The tool generates most of the code automatically, based on the principle of low-code application development. That allows the developer to focus on finding the best possible solution for a business problem, rather than on writing code. OutSystems is also a visual development platform. Developing an application, integrating it with existing systems and adding custom code all happens in a visually supported way.


That’s what you probably already knew about OutSystems, and that’s exactly why we at Providit have been avid OutSystems developers since day one. But although OutSystems offers a platform that allows really fast development, testing, roll-out and maintenance of applications, something was still missing. OutSystems Experience Builder fills that void. This new tool streamlines the very first steps of the application development journey: the phase where business and IT closely work together to shape an idea.


The right experience

This is how traditional application development works: a business department has a rough idea, then IT takes over. Several months later, IT presents a pilot application. Then requirements are changed, user experience needs finetuning, there’s still testing to do, and so on. But alas, when the final product is finally ready – about a year or more after the initial request – business needs may already have changed.


Working with a modern development platform such as OutSystems dramatically shortened that cycle. It takes a couple of weeks – not months – to develop and deploy a full-blown application. But in principle, the definition and design parts of the process remained the same. Especially defining and testing the required user experience involves many people and many steps. As a result, a lot of time goes to user research and testing, designing mockups, and more. A great user experience is hard to create. That’s why it takes so much time.


Development just got easier

Well, that’s exactly where OutSystems Experience Builder comes in. Experience Builder offers 5 templates for ready-to-use applications (mobile banking, customer insurance, patient healthcare, onboarding & login, product & checkout) and 40 common user flows (such as user onboarding and card management). Overall, Experience Builder offers more than 150 screens and over 20 native plugins.


As a result, Experience Builder makes app development even easier. Experience Builder reduces the skillset that is needed to complete 80% of app development tasks, such as designing and building common flows, screens, patterns and behaviors. Using the templates and pre-built flows, you don’t need to be an application developer to start working on requirements, while looking at user experience at the same time. Or as OutSystems puts it: anyone can build an app by selecting fully functional, pre-built app templates, and by mixing and matching common user flows. And once the design is ready for development, OutSystems automatically generates all the code.


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