Low-code workshop at HoGent


On Friday February 14th, Providit facilitated an OutSystems workshop at HoGent.

The session started with Frederik Vallaeys giving a short introduction of the Grasshoppers Academy. This initiative looks beyond the technical skills and focuses on finding the right cultural match for young graduates. Frederik gave a high-level overview of what a typical Grasshoppers training track looks like. He also highlighted that every year, the young graduates start with a week off-site, aimed to combine training with a number of team building activities. The location for this get away is always a treat. The latest installments saw visits of Lisbon and Barcelona. Interested to learn more?Visit https://grasshoppers-academy.eu/










After this little teaser, it was time to get more technical. Kurt Vandevelde (Managing Partner of Providit and OutSystems MVP) and Wannes Verdonck (young graduate and working for Providit since September), took the stage. They introduced OutSystems to the eager senior students. After a basic introduction to low-code and the problems it aims to solve, the students started building their first application with the OutSystems Platform. Many were impressed by the incredible speed at which they could build web and mobile applications. Even without weeks of training, or knowing all the technical details.

Our goal was to show these students that there are more options to build web and mobile apps than the traditional technologies they learn in school. And while having this technical background is paramount, it is also important that they know that developing software can be more sexy than writing hundreds of lines of code every day. If their excitement was anything to go by, it seems like a mission accomplished.

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