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Lander found his dream job at Providit

There’s more to working in IT than just technology. Lander De Wulf found the right combination at Providit: an emerging technology that keeps him challenged, as well as a working environment that offers him the chance to fully develop his talents. A dream job!

Lander didn’t take the easiest path to a job in the IT business. He cut short his education in Digital Design & Development at HoWest in Kortrijk. “I had a few non-IT jobs at the time”, he recalls, “but I always remained interested in IT and kept getting up to speed with new technologies.” At long last, Lander switched back to IT, starting off as webmaster, later on focusing on frontend development.

Still in search of a company that would offer an interesting technological challenge, as well as a pleasant working environment, Lander got in touch with Providit. “Until then, I always believed that writing code was what I liked doing most”, he says. “But that changed when Providit offered me a chance to start working with the low-code OutSystems platform. As the tool generates most of the code automatically, I can focus more on finding the best possible solution for a business problem. And of course, my experience in web design also helps me to offer the solutions with a nice look and feel.”

Best of both worlds

Six months after joining Providit, Lander joined all new hires of iAdvise Groep – the cluster Providit belongs to – at the Grasshoppers Academy bootcamp in Barcelona, Spain. “Being invited to the bootcamp was a pleasant surprise”, he recalls. “It was a very intense week, with a lot of ground to cover while working on a project, but with a lot of fun as well.” Perhaps the best part of the bootcamp is that all new hires get to work closely together, while learning about the activities and expertise of the other companies within iAdvise Groep.

Besides finding an interesting technological challenge in working with OutSystems, Lander also found an employer that offers him the freedom to follow his own interests. “That’s what I really like about Providit and iAdvise Groep”, he explains. “With a team of 13, Providit is a small company. But we never feel small, as we are part of iAdvise Groep, with almost 300 employees. And what’s more, iAdvise Groep is part of the Cronos groep, which is the largest IT company in Belgium. Working in such an environment – which is small and big at the same time – offers the best of both worlds, really.”

More training

Following the bootcamp earlier this year, there’s still more education and training to come for Lander. “That’s what finally won me over in the first place”, he says. “There’s lots of interesting things going on here and I can keep myself up to speed.” Over the last couple of months, Lander worked on several Proofs of Concept for Providit customers. In a next step, he will be assigned to one of these projects at a customer on location. “That’s the next phase in my career here at Providit, and one I’m really looking forward to. Glad to have found my dream job”

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