Do you feel like getting started with OutSystems? Here’s what you need to know


No, it doesn’t take years of full-time study and training. Do you have a good idea of how the front-end and back-end of a web application works in general? Are you a hands-on kind of guy or gal? That’s all you really need to get started with OutSystems at Providit.

OutSystems is a leading low-code development platform. The tool generates most of the code automatically, allowing the developer to focus on finding the best possible solution for a business problem, rather than on writing technical code. OutSystems enables developers to build an application in a complete visual way. The same counts for more complex actions like integrations with existing systems or using custom code, it ALL happens in a visually supported way.


Arno Vandermeeren is a prime example of a traditional web developer turned into OutSystems professional. He explains how OutSystems changed his view on application development. “Of course, you need to understand the basics of web and app development”, he says. “HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front-end and SQL for the back-end. Sure, OutSystems will automatically generate the code you need, but you have to understand where that code comes from and what it will do. So, these fundamentals will get you started with OutSystems in no time.”


Understanding the business

As a professionally trained web developer, Arno obviously already had the right basic knowledge. “But to dive into OutSystems, you don’t have to be a full-on developer”, he adds. “You don’t have to know how to write syntax. OutSystems will do that for you. Aside from a technical understanding of the OutSystems platform, you’ve got to have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the business as well. Deep knowledge of the business processes always helps you in creating the best possible solution to solve the problem.”


Arno got in touch with Providit and OutSystems through word of mouth. Following his recruitment, he started his training. “The program didn’t focus on OutSystems only”, he explains. “I also learned a lot about agile development, the Scrum methodology, professional communication, and more.” Interestingly, during his training Arno was asked to build a proof of concept for a prospect. In doing so, he demonstrated what OutSystems can do, while learning about the platform at the same time.


Always learning new things

Following his training, Arno worked on several projects for customers such as VAB and Duvel Moortgat. “Providit offers me and my colleagues a lot of freedom”, he says. “We get the opportunity to work on different projects and contribute to various solutions. At the same time, we get support from the customers’ business analysts and testing engineers. This way of working allows us to learn new things in OutSystems all the time.” With his background as a web developer, Arno is especially interested in working on CSS in OutSystems. “I like to solve design problems in OutSystems”, he concludes. “That’s the area of expertise I am most interested in. At Providit, I have the opportunity to develop not only applications but also to develop more knowledge of what is important for our customers, why their business processes are what they are and how we can attribute to an optimization of their services.”


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