Turning traineeship into career opportunity

A traineeship in IT is often the first step to a real job. Wannes and Bram know all about it. After they finished their internship at Providit, they both were offered a job contract. And they gladly accepted! Wannes Verdonck and Bram Verlinden met at KdG Hogeschool in Antwerp, where they both studied applied IT. Meanwhile, Bram graduated as a professional bachelor in application development. Wannes got his professional bachelor degree in software management. During the final year of their study, Providit accepted them for a traineeship. “We got to know Providit during a traineeship event at KdG”, says Bram. “We got the chance to talk to one of the company’s managing partners. In just a matter of minutes, we were already talking about potential projects to work on during a traineeship.” Inevitably in the context of Providit, low-code came up during our talk. “We had heard about it at KdG”, Wannes adds, “but hadn’t had any real education about low-code at that point.”

A visual development platform

That changed quite quickly. Following that brief meetup at the traineeship event, Bram and Wannes were both selected as Providit trainees. Their assignment was to build – from scratch – an OutSystems application that consultants can use to plan their working schedules: where they are at what times, when they work at home, when they are at events, etc. “OutSystems is very much a visual development platform”, Bram explains. “Using Java, for example, it can take quite a while before you actually see the result of what you have been doing. Compared to that, it’s quite impressive how quick OutSystems is. I remember we finished three screens on the first day we started coding at Providit.” And despite the speed, the code always remains clear. “You hardly get lost in the code”, Wannes confirms. “The speed is mainly based on automated code generation – and also on the reuse of code.”

Part of the team

Obviously, Bram and Wannes didn’t start coding on the first day of their traineeship. For three weeks, they followed a crash course in OutSystems. They dedicated their following five weeks to the application development assignment, where they covered the complete development cycle. From analysis and defining requirements, to setting up development sprints, testing, integrating feedback from the business, etc. In five weeks, Bram and Wannes completed their project, within scope and on time. “In just five weeks it surely wouldn’t have been possible to achieve the same results using a traditional development platform”, Bram admits. “So in a sense, our traineeship triggered us to deepen our OutSystems experience.” During their traineeship, Bram and Wannes learnt more than the raw power of the OutSystems development platform alone. “We also got to know Providit as a company”, Wannes adds. “From the onset, we were more than just ‘the trainees’. We were part of the team, got support from colleagues whenever we needed it and fit right in.”

Job contract

Following the success of their traineeship, Bram and Wannes both got a job contract. On September 1, they start working at Providit as OutSystems developers. After a long and well deserved summer holiday, that is! Would you like to join Providit as a trainee or application developer? Contact us! Read more

Career switch: from accountant to OutSystems developer

Career switch
Getting started right away, that’s what OutSystems is all about. The low-code platform intrigued Joris and he decided to quit his career in accounting. Just a couple of weeks after we hired him, he already worked on an OutSystems project at a client. A successful career switch! Joris Deckers graduated as an accountant at Hogeschool PXL in Hasselt. He started working for an accountancy firm with a clear goal in mind. Before he would reach the age of 30, he wanted to be either a partner at the firm or the managing director of his own business. “As time progressed, I got a little bored”, Joris admits. “Accounting moves in circles, with reports due at the end of each month, each quarter and each year. It just wasn’t for me, I guess.” Joris started thinking about a completely different career path. “I studied accounting and IT in secondary school. I had always had a soft spot for IT, but had never really thought of it as something to pursue in my professional life.” Talking about it with a long-time friend who works at Providit, Joris got an invitation to join one of the company’s meetups. “That’s how I got in touch”, Joris continued. “What I learned there about OutSystems really intrigued me– and low-code in general.” In fact, Joris went on to take several online OutSystems courses and kept coming back to Providit’s meet-ups. He decided for a career switch.

Accessible framework

After six months, Joris made up his mind and formally applied for a job at Providit. “The online courses gave me a head start. When I joined the company, I followed some extra training. But then again, OutSystems is a very accessible development framework. So after a couple of weeks, I was already at work at a client, rewriting and expanding existing applications in OutSystems.” Joris experienced first-hand how the OutSystems platform allows young developers to get started right away. “Once you understand the concept and find your way around the basics, it’s easy to make progress really quickly. And whenever I get stuck or have a question, I turn to my colleagues at Providit, or ask for advice in the worldwide online OutSystems community.”

Found out yourself

Sounds interesting? Well, finding out what OutSystems has in store, is something that you test quite easily. “Do what I did”, Joris advised. “There’s lots of data online you can start working with. If you have an idea for a cool application, just play around with OutSystems for a day or two, and you’ll easily see if the technology appeals to you or not.” As for Joris, he found at Providit what he was looking for. “Working here has little to do with traditional software development”, Joris concluded. “These days, a business looking into an opportunity needs a new application fast, to be sure the opportunity isn’t long gone by the time the application is ready – and also to be faster than the competition. In that sense, software development in general is shifting more and more towards low-code.” Would you consider a new career as OutSystems developer at Providit? Drop us a message! Read more

Join us and become a Providit Pro!

Providit Pro
  As an enthusiastic and passionate IT professional, you dream of a job in an environment where work feels like a hobby, where the newest technologies are in use and employees are valued from day one. And of course, where you find plenty of opportunities for professional as well as for your personal development. Where to sign? Become a Providit Pro at the largest OutSystems team in Belgium! The OutSystems low-code platform helps organizations with their digital transformation, building and deploying apps in a fraction of the time that hand-coding would take. As fast changing markets and new opportunities urge businesses to build and deliver better apps, OutSystems is the way to go. It’s a rapid application delivery (RAD) platform that enables you to visually develop web and mobile applications fast.

12 times faster

Didier Leroy, OutSystems web and mobile developer, started working at Providit last January. He graduated as a bachelor in IT business solutions. He started as an intern and was amazed by the OutSystems low-code platform. “Building applications with low-code happens ultra-fast. Whenever the business has a change request, you easily include it in the application”, says Didier. Before his internship at Providit, Didier considered pursuing a different career path. However, his experience with low-code, the friendly work environment and his inspirational colleagues made him change his mind. Didier: “It’s a lot of fun working here. They treat me as a member of the team, not as a number. That’s really important to me. We are all Providit.” When Didier started as a Providit Pro, he worked on a challenging project for a large car dealer. He had to build a planning system for rental cars. Didier used OutSystems to rebuild a planning application that was originally hand-coded in Angular 5. He finished the project in two months. The customer was very happy because it took 6 months and 4 Java developers to build the original application. He delivered the low-code solution 12 times faster! Didier: “The entire approach was so appealing to me. I immediately had the opportunity to work for a large customer. And the best proof that I am a proud Providit Pro, is the efforts I do to acquire new customers by sharing my work experience in my personal network.”

Pleasure is the measure of success    

Glenn studied applied informatics and started working at Providit last April. He strongly endorses the OutSystems low-code platform. “Hand-coding an application can be a daunting experience. For example, you need to write Java code for five days before you can do a first test. During that test, you often experience that the application is not working as expected. Low-code is faster and easier. It’s a visual way of working. You immediately see if an application works and it’s easy to make changes when it doesn’t”, he says. Besides low-code, Glenn also enjoys the nice work atmosphere and collegiality at Providit. Glenn: “We work hard and play hard. We share responsibility and authority equally amongst colleagues. We have the freedom to plan our own work and to grow professionally as well as personally at our own pace.” Over the last couple of months, Glenn built several low-code apps. An interesting project he worked on, is the time sheet checker. In many IT organizations, managers check the paper time sheets of their employees on a monthly basis. That's a time-consuming task. Glenn: “I automated the paper time sheet with a low-code app, making it a lot easier for managers to check time sheets per employee. Furthermore, the app makes it possible to send the employee an email in case the time sheet is not correct.” Didier and Glenn’s proud stories show that pleasure is the measure of success at Providit.     Are you interested to join us and to become a proud Providit Pro? Contact us at info@providit.eu   Read more

Providit Team Event – 22 May 2017

team event
Providit took its staff out for an informal team event and dinner! They first went "behind the scenes" of the Sint-Rombouts Cathedral. There, you visit spots that you normally don’t get to see. And that was quite impressive! The view from the top was just spectacular and worth climbing the 500 steps. A great way to create an appetite for a team dinner afterwards.

More about us

Out of passion and expertise, we started up Providit in 2012 within iAdvise Groep. Meanwhile, we are the largest OutSystems team in Belgium. Of course, we want our staff to become the best OutSystems developers in the world. But more important, we want them to be the most qualified co-builders for your (native) mobile and web applications. That combination is what makes us specialists in the field of OutSystems infrastructure, architecture, development, deployment and support.   team event DSC00949 DSC00953 DSC00965 DSC00967 DSC00969 team event DSC01006 Read more