Finally, after two years of covid lockdowns and working from home, we were able to bring everyone together. With colleagues from Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Poland and United Kingdom, it was an international Providit event with an evening full

  On Friday February 14th, Providit facilitated an OutSystems workshop at HoGent. The session started with Frederik Vallaeys giving a short introduction of the Grasshoppers Academy. This initiative looks beyond the technical skills and focuses on finding the right cultural match for

On 29 and 30 October, NextStep 2019 event took place in Amsterdam. Of course we were there too! And it was again a happening that was not to be missed.  As follow up of the event, OutSystems employees presented at the

Digitizing various business processes is without a doubt the most complex and never ending challenge that a production company faces now and in the coming years. The impact on operations, production, staff , assets and competition is so huge that

March's Belgian Outsystems Community Meetup Even the code of the best OutSystems developers isn't always perfect and might have a glitch. For any developer, in whatever technology they're working, it's not easy to write code that captures all possible exception cases.