Error handling like an OutSystems Pro

Error handling like an OutSystems Pro

March's Belgian Outsystems Community Meetup

Even the code of the best OutSystems developers isn't always perfect and might have a glitch. For any developer, in whatever technology they're working, it's not easy to write code that captures all possible exception cases. And we're not only taking about access errors, network issues, ... but also invalid inputs, incomplete or corrupt data, ... Fortunately, OutSystems already covers the basic error handling out of the box but a solid application needs more.

How to implement error handling

Duarte explained how to implement error handling for the different use cases. He showed that building a robust application that on the one hand give the developer enough information to find the root cause of an issue, and at the same time, alert the end user with a readable, non technical error message does require some thinking and coding.
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OutSystems Developer Conference: Niels’ journey 

OutSystems Developer Conference: Niels’ journey 

In November last year, the entire Providit attended the OutSystems Developer Conference in Lisbon. The conference was dedicated to the development of mobile and web apps on the OutSystems low-code platform. The objective was to strengthen the bond among the team members and to learn new things about app developing with OutSystems. Niels, OutSystems Professional Developer and lead developer at Providit, especially enjoyed learning more about microservices, mobile applications, and the use of Microsoft Azure AI in Outsystems.

The Providit team travelled to Lisbon a day early, to have a day of team building. The team members visited the city center and had a good time together while sightseeing and having a couple of drinks at the terraces. After a relaxing evening on the coast, the team was ready for two days of dedication related to the OutSystems Platform.


The first tech talk that Niels attended was part of the Architecture track. “It was a fantastic session”, he says. “Since OutSystems 11, the architecture to build applications has improved a lot. One of the cases on display was a back-end example with several applications using the same server actions. However, the code needed an update. Normally, this means that each application has to be manually updated and deployed. Microservices, a new approach, solves this problem by ignoring manual updates as the applications can use the new code automatically.”

Mobile applications 

Niels also learned something interesting during a tech talk about mobile applications. “I asked a question that had been on my mind for a long time: how to synchronize large pictures to your smartphone without impacting its performance? The answer was that it is important to compress the files so that they become small before synchronizing. In that case, it’s possible to keep working on your smartphone as the decompressed files are downloaded in the background. When you want to see a picture, the full file will be downloaded.” The goal for attending the sessions was hereby met: learning new things.

Microsoft Azure

A last tech talk that Niels attended was about Microsoft Azure on the OutSystems Platform. “The presenter explained how to integrate an online tire catalogue with the help of Microsoft Azure recognition software. The result is that customers now scan a tire with their smartphone and receive information about it such as type, width, wheel diameter, and price.” By combine OutSystems and the MS Azure recognition software, the presenter was able to create a great application in no time.

Niels is an OutSystems fan and regrets that he was not able to attend more tech talks during the two-day OutSystems Developer Conference. However, the good news is that all talks are now available on the conference website:

Developing apps with OutSystems at Providit feels like home to Niels. “We are a very close group of colleagues and are also friends. Our organizational structure is horizontal, and everyone’s opinion is appreciated. This is often not the case at big IT companies. Last but not least, at Providit I get the possibility to grow personally and professionally. That’s really important to me.”

Do you want to become an OutSystems developer and help organizations to develop better apps faster? Contact us via

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OutSystems 11 at the Belgium OutSystems Community meetup

OutSystems 11

OutSystems 11

OutSystems recently released its new version 11. To us the ideal moment to take a closer look at it during our Belgium OutSystems Community meetup of 13 November. Warm welcome!

Besides that he entire Providit team went to Portugal to discover its new features. But more on that trip in another blog post. Now, we would like to focus on the following three topics.

Service Modules, Service Actions and Screen Templates

First of all, Didier Leroy talked about Service Modules and Service Actions. Service Action allows, compared to Server Actions, to create a weak dependency between actions.

Next, Nick Vandebriel introduced the new Screen Templates to us. OutSystems took a close look at the market and created at least 50 templates. They cover most of the types of applications that have been built lately. Exactly what you would expect from OutSystems! Starting from one of the templates obviously allows you to develop the screens even faster. 

UI Components

And last but not least, Glenn Michiels demonstrated how UI Components are used to -again- increase the performance of the developers.

So, please find all the content in our presentations on:

1/ Service Modules

2/ Screen Templates

3/ Reusable UI Components

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Belgium OutSystems Community Meetup – 2 October 2018

Outsystems Platform
When developers think of OutSystems, they tend to not think any further than just the development tools and features. But the OutSystems Platform holds a lot more than that! In this meetup, we had a look at the infrastructure. What types of servers do you need and in which setup? MVP Kurt Vandevelde also explained the complete process of creating a new version of an application. Next to that, he showed how to perform an OutSystems platform upgrade without any downtime for the business users. The second topic was about CSS Custom Properties. Via a basic example, Arno Vandermeeren showed the different possibilities. And last but not least, Tim Timperman gave us a high-level overview of OutSystems version 11 that was released last week. OutSystems 11 delivers advanced capabilities specifically designed to address the challenges of replacing massive systems and large application portfolios. Delivering apps with a coordinated, modern look-and-feel that people can't wait to use is faster than ever. OutSystems 11 delivers what teams need to create and change code safely, even when their work spans multiple projects, groups, and organizations. As you can read, there's a lot more to tell about the OutSystems Platform! Are you eager to find out more? Check it out here! Read more

Join us at NextStep Amsterdam 2018 on 8 & 9 October

OutSystems 11

Packed with industry giants, forward thinkers and digital innovation stories, NextStep Amsterdam is definitely the IT event of 2018.

Low-code, machine learning and artificial intelligence

So, what are you waiting for? Save your space now for Nextstep Amsterdam 2018! Get ready to see how low-code digital factories are transforming traditional development. And learn how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and low-code make an unbeatable combination. On top of that, hear from OutSystems customers and partners who are crushing their digital transformation initiatives. And finally, geek out with IT leaders who share your passion for innovation. Just be there live as we unveil our biggest product launch ever!

Keynote Speaker

We warmly welcome JEREMY WHITE, Executive Editor at Wired. Wired is an influential technology and trends magazine which covers innovation and the businesses that are building the future. He especially analyzes and identifies the emerging trends and technological shifts that will impact consumers and businesses alike. From IoT to AI, smart homes to smart cities, flying cars to passenger drones, he has firsthand experience of trends. But he also has personal contact with the global business leaders driving them!

Analyst Speaker

With more than 35 years of experience in the application arena Andy Kyte, VP & Gartner Fellow, will take the stage for an unforgettable session. He has focused his research on the challenges CIOs and business management teams face when managing complex application portfolios. And besides that, are dealing with continuous demand for more application capabilities.

NextStep Amsterdam 2018

Join us on 08-09 October 2018 at Taets - Art and Events Park, which is called the creative hotspot of Amsterdam. This unique event venue is located on the magnificently beautiful national heritage site on the Amsterdam North Sea Canal.

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Together with Cronos aan de Leie at ABISS 2018

ABISS 2018

Digitizing and automating various business processes is undoubtedly the most complex and never-ending challenge that organizations is facing nowadays. So, don't miss ABISS 2018!

ABISS 2018

Knowledge, internal collaboration, budgets and the impact of decisions on productivity, competitiveness and personnel, are very important to an organization. Therefore, constant knowledge building, new applications and consultation have become an 'ongoing commitment'. It is needless to say that you can't only implement this commitment and knowledge only at the top layer, also the workplace needs to be involved. On top of that, each business unit has its own needs and criteria according to feasibility and performance. So, every step in digitization must fit into a perfectly orchestrated whole.

Our target group

Every industrial or traditional organization that produces goods belongs to the target group of this event. We take all possible production companies, whether discrete or process industry, in consideration! Going from chemistry, pharmaceuticals and food to metal, plastics, wood and textiles.

For whom?

ABISS 2018 focusses on visitor profiles such as managers and owners of SMB as well as large organizations. Responsibles for specific business processes (production, maintenance, procurement, engineering, planning, R & D, quality, SCM, warehousing, safety, IT, HR, etc.) also draw our attention. And of course, we count on a large amount of IT managers and cyber security managers.

Providit and Cronos aan de Leie

Cronos aan de Leie and Providit are at your disposal all day for all kinds of questions and advice on the digitization of your organization! Our offering consists (among many other things) of  Application Visualisation, Sharepoints & Mobile Solutions, Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and Analytics. We have great experience with Cloud Services, Digital Manufacturing, Engineering, Development Software: PDM, CAD, CAM, CAE and Financial and Accounting Software. We specialize in HRM and Quality Management Software, IoT Services, Software and Applications. Our experts breathe Low-code development (OutSystems), Master Data Management and Mobile Learning and Manual Apps. We master Software Selection & Consulting, Supply Chain Management Software and Workflow Software.

Don't wait, register here! We are looking forward to meeting you on 4 October 2018 in Kortrijk.

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Belgium OutSystems Community meetup – 22 May 2018

Belgium OutSystems Community meetup – 22 May 2018
Good coding practices was the main topic of this meetup. Although OutSystems allows you to write code rather easily, there are still a lot of things to consider. Things that can really make a difference when it comes to the overall performance of your applications. In this session, we gave a lot of tips and tricks for a better OutSystems application.
As a starter, Arno gave some advise on how to improve the loading of images in an application. With some simple actions, loading can be a lot faster.
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Digital Transformation Now – April 19 in Brussels

Digital Transformation Now – April 19 in Brussels

Are your digital transformation practices slowing down your game? Bet you are struggling to innovate as a result? Well, say no more... Fortunately, we are happy to announce that Providit may co-host Digital Acceleration with OutSystems in Brussels this April!

So, hello IT Leaders, Architects and Developers! Part of this Digital Transformation Now Global Road Show is tailor-made for people like you: IT leaders with audacious technology goals seeking faster and better ways to achieve them.

Digital Acceleration gives you the practical advice and low-code success stories you need to reshape your business at cheetah speed, including a detailed playbook for how to get it done.

Want to be the next digital success story? Then the Royal Museums of Art and History  in Brussels is the place to be on April 19!

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Belgium OutSystems Community meetup – 23 January 2018

OutSystems Community
First of all, we would like to wish all our Co-OutSystems wizards a year full of happiness and low-code joy. On 23 January 2018, we had our first OutSystems Community meetup. And it was great seeing each other again!

OutSystems Community topics

During this edition, we first discussed how to use CSS animations with Font Awesome. That subject immediately attracted the audience attention. After a short break, we hit the following topic which was an explanation on how to build a good OutSystems architecture. And whet tools could help us with that. That too seemed to be a success. At the end of the evening, it turned out to be a another interactive session and an interesting change of ideas.

A cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution

We would like to emphasis that OutSystems is not only available as a cloud solution, but also as an on-premises or hybrid application. Besides that, it allows deep integration to all existing systems and an open architecture.

High-productivity visual development

May we also remind you that every aspect of OutSystems is crafted to help you build better applications faster. This includes high-productivity visual development as well as powerful tools to deploy and manage your applications. In short, OutSystems helps you deliver applications quickly and make changes easily.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the next edition of our OutSystems Community meetup!
Outsystems Meetup
Outsystems Meetup 2
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Belgium OutSystems Community meetup – 6 November 2017

Belgium OutSystems
Welcome to our next Belgium Outsystems Community meetup. One thing is very clear nowadays: UX is becoming more and more important. Usability is one of the biggest factors to get your apps adopted by the users. To get more insights on the topic, Wim Janssens from Monkeyshot, introduced us into his world. Welcome to the world of the UX designer! In the second part of this Belgium Outsystems Community meetup, Niels Favreau drew our attention. He explained how you can take fancy patterns found on the internet. But he particularly showed us how to "copy" the layout into OutSystems.     DSC02172 DSC02173 DSC02175 DSC02176 DSC02177 DSC02179 Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Belgium OutSystems Read more