Belgium OutSystems User Group on September 24th


On Tuesday, September 24th, we organized the first Belgium OutSystems User Group session. In some way, it’s the first but on the other hand, it isn’t. We have been organizing sessions since 2016. Before, we used to call them “Meetup” sessions. To make it more formal, the group we renamed our group to Belgium OutSystems User Group.


Some “rules” apply now

  • There can only be one OutSystems User Group per country
  • The sessions should focus on technical content
  • They are led by OutSystems, MVPs or customers
  • There’s a consistent format worldwide
  • The OutSystems User Group cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Recruitment activities are prohibited

This will not change the format of our sessions. We continue to put our focus on growing the community. And I already started planning the next Belgium OutSystems User Group session. Of course, if others want to jump in and organize a session, just let me know.

Data Grid Forge

With all these changes, we would almost forget that the main topic of the evening was the new Data Grid Forge component. Niels explained the basics by using a practical example. He also talked about the use cases in which this component can – but also should better not – be used. To conclude, he shared some of the pro’s and cons of the current version of the component.

It is clear that the component has a huge potential, but it doesn’t completely follow the OutSystems mindset yet. There’s still too much manual coding involved to get it working. But we’re convinced that in time, this will turn out to be a great added value allowing developers to create great and flexible data grids.

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