ABISS 2019

Digitizing various business processes is without a doubt the most complex and never ending challenge that a production company faces now and in the coming years. The impact on operations, production, staff , assets and competition is so huge that constant building of knowledge, new apps and consults are an ‘ongoing commitment’ for the entire organization. That’s because knowledge and commitment must not only be applied at the top (general policy). Also the shop floor must be covered. On top of that, every business unit has its own needs and worries. So, every step towards digitization must fit into a perfectly orchestrated whole. Welcome to ABISS 2019!


What is ABISS?

ABISS 2019 is the Belgian network event and summit for industrial production plants who wish to digitize their business processes. You will find more than 65 parties specialized in software development, apps, consultancy and services. All these parties are experts in automating processes such as engineering, production, planning, quality control, logistics, etc. They build high performant web & mobile software in order to produce faster and smarter.   

You also have free access to 7 Expert Classes, presented by experienced keynote speakers. Catering is provided in the morning and at noon.


For which type of companies?

Every industrial or artisanal product company belongs to the target audience. Every possible production company fits in, from manufacturing industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to machine & equipment construction, food, agro, etc.


For whom?

ABISS 2019 focuses specifically on the following visitor profiles:

  • C-levels, owners and general managers of SMEs and large companies
  • Managers from specific business processes (production, maintenance, procurement, engineering, planning, R&D, quality, SCM, warehousing, safety, IT, HR, etc.)
  • Managers for IT and cyber security


5 good reasons to visit ABISS 2019

Automating is a continuous process of learning, orienting, testing, adjusting and perfecting. Ideal for this is a trade congress where technology providers, with their knowledge, in combination with personal conversations, contribute to taking the right actions.

Digitizing a “production company” is one of the most complex projects. After all, the number of business processes in a production company is much larger than in a retail and service model. Between engineering and the effective delivery of the product there are countless processes such as planning, maintenance, prototyping, quality control, factory layout, supply chain, etc. Therefore, ABISS 2019 is ‘the place to be’ for the integration of digitization software.

Automating projects are complex, cost money, are time consuming and have a huge impact on your business model. Companies that are taking the first steps, or are already at a further stage, need reliable partners for technology, guidance, implementation, training and support. All the more reason to make contact with parties that can convince you with their expertise.

Digitization is on the rise. The number of software suppliers, apps and services is increasing exponentially. It becomes more and more difficult for you to make the right choices. On ABISS 2019 you will meet a well arranged state of parties that you won’t find on any other exhibition platform. You will be treated with demos from numerous parties, where you can ask your questions and find customized solutions and applications.



Thursday, 3 October 2019 from 9am to 5pm



Hall XXL | Kortrijk Xpo
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk


Welcome at the Providit booth! We are looking forward to meeting you in person.

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