OutSystems 11 at the Belgium OutSystems Community meetup

OutSystems 11

OutSystems 11

As the new version of OutSystems, version 11, has been recently released, it was the ideal moment to take a closer look at it during our Belgium OutSystems Community meetup of November 13th. The complete Providit team also went to Portugal to discover the new features, but you find more about that trip in another blog post. Now, we would like to focus on three main topics.

Service Modules, Service Actions and Screen Templates

First of all, Didier Leroy talked about Service Modules and Service Actions. Service Action allows, compared to Server Actions, to create a weak dependency between actions.

Next, Nick Vandebriel introduced the new Screen Templates to us. OutSystems looked at the market and created over 50 templates. They cover most of the types of applications that have been built lately. Starting from one of the templates allows you to develop the screens even faster.

UI Components

And last but not lease, Glenn Michiels showed how UI Components are used to -again- increase the performance of the developers.

Please find all our presentations on:

1/ Service Modules


2/ Screen Templates


3/ Reusable UI Components


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